About Ruiru

About Ruiru

Ruiru is a town in the Kiambu County in Kenya. Ruiru is located within 3 Km (1.9 mi) of Nairobi's city boundary and about 0.5 km from Kenyatta University Main Campus. Ruiru is a dormitory town for the nation's capital, and is connected by both rail and road. The town covers an area of 292 km2 (113 Sq. mi) with Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Sukari and Mwihoko being part of Ruiru constituency.

The construction of Thika Super Highway and Northern Bypass has put Ruiru at a strategic point. It only takes less than 30 minutes to reach the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi at a distance of 21 kilometers and less than 15 minutes to reach one of the top industrialized towns in the country, Thika at a distance of 17 kilometers.

Economic Status

With the construction of Thika Superhighway, Eastern Bypass, the town has struggled to adapt to the influx of people. Ruiru is also an industrial town with several major factories, including Devki Steel Mills, Angles Hair products, Super Foam, Spinners & Spinners Garment Factory and Ruiru Feeds. It is well served by banks and shopping malls and currently is enjoying a housing boom, as many coffee estates are being converted into residential areas, including an upcoming multi-billion Tatu Estate.

Financially, Ruiru is served by National Bank of Kenya, Equity Bank of Kenya, Cooperative Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Family Bank, Rafiki Bank and PostBank.

Population Growth in Ruiru

Ruiru is famously known as one of the top producers of coffee in the country and for the Coffee research station.

According to 1991 estimation, Ruiru had a population of over 100,000 people while in the year 2005 it grew to a population of over 200,000. Currently, the population stands at over 350,000 signifying an increase in population growth mainly attributed to high migration of people from rural areas to Nairobi resulting to housing shortage in Nairobi.

Renting a room in Ruiru is cheaper than surrounding towns as single rooms cost between Kshs. 4,000 – 5,000 a month, double rooms at Kshs. 6,000, a bed-sitter at Kshs. 6,000-8,000, one-bedroom costs Kshs. 8,000-12,000 and two-bedrooms at Kshs. 15,000-20,000.

Water is not a problem in Ruiru town as water is supplied by Ruiru Juja Water and Sewerage Company.

Health Facilities

Ruiru is well-covered in terms of health services as they are easily accessible and people from surrounding towns visit the hospitals for treatment. There are four major private hospitals in Ruiru – Plainsview, Nazareth, Kalimoni and Ruiru Private Hospital. There is one public or government hospital, Ruiru Hospital and several small private hospitals. The government hospital receives a high number of in-and-out patients and is a center of field attachment or internship for medical students. There are numerous clinics and pharmaceuticals that not only sell drugs but carry out general treatment such as pregnancy and malaria tests.


Institutions of Higher Learning

Ruiru prides itself in housing one of the best and most known university not only nationally but internationally with respect to the awards the institution has received as a center of research - Kenyatta University. Kenyatta University's Main Campus is a five-minute distance to Ruiru by road although it has a branch in Ruiru known as Kenyatta University's Ruiru Campus. Not only does this institution accept students from around the world but also has been involved in coming up with studies that would lead to the region's growth.

Ruiru also prides itself in housing Zetech  University . Zetech University is located along the Thika Superhighway and has attracted student population from all over Kenya. Other middle-level colleges registered with the Ministry of Higher Education are: Royal College of Science and Technology;  Nairobi Institute of Business Studies , Empire International College , DaySpring College of Hair design and beauty therapy ,Ruiru College of Catering & Management Studies , Brainsway Business College , Aberdare Institute of Business & Catering, , Gracious college of tailoring.

Ruiru also prides itself in having several Bible colleges such as Father’s House Bible College and Baptist Bible College.

Eating Places and Accommodation

The town houses one five-star hotel, Rainbow Resort which is luxurious in its nature and well-beautified both internally and outside. There are other nice hotels and restaurants with affordable accommodation such as BTL Christian International Center, Ndigithu hotel, Golden roots, Chattered Place, Acacia Resort, Adva  Guest wing (located in Adva Mall) and Klub Rangers.

Ruiru houses the best Nyama Choma zones in Nairobi. Kenyans and visitors visit Kamaki’s Nyama Choma Zone to have a bite of the well marinated tender barbeque meat. Kamaki’s Nyam Choma zone is located along the Eastern Bypass. The OJ’s is the other Nyama Choma Zone. It is located near Prisons training college off Ruiru-Kiambu Road.

Worship Places

Ruiru prides itself in freedom of worship. You will find mosques, temples and churches in Ruiru. There are several worship places for mainstream churches - Catholic, Anglican, PCES, AIPCEA.  You will also find other Pentecostal churches such as Father’s House, Deliverance, Redeemed, CCI, PEFA etc.

Definitely, Ruiru is a blessed town.

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Together with PS of Housing and Urban development Mr.Charles Hinga,Hon. Simon King'ara toured Ruiru and Githurai Railway stations. The Stations will soon be launched once the necessary equipment is brought on board.The Government is in the process of procuring 11 trains which will commute between Ruiru-Githurai and Nairobi in order to de-congest and reduce traffic jam,along the super highway.

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